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Publish your calendars directly from iCal to our server for Free!
Publish your iCal calendars without a mobile me or .mac account. your own Free iCal Server.

By publishing your calendars, other iCal users can subcribe to them and keep up to date with your agenda.
If other people don't have iCal, they can still view your agenda in any browser (example) or use Mozilla Sunbird.
can also be used to publisch on iCal Mac.

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Confidential iCal-Publishing. You can share calendars publically so that anyone can view, these public calendars may also be added to Google Calendar.
Alternatively you can publish calendars as a private calendars which only people that you give access to can view or subscribe to.
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iCal Mac uses google ads to pay for the hosting costs, therefore you don't pay anything.

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